STP SS24 in Bali

STP SS24 in Bali

In early Spring of this year, I traveled to Bali with my bestie Samantha Cobb, who also happens to be STP's main photographer,  and our husbands. We had the most incredible time exploring the islands, learning about Hinduism and experiencing the Balinese culture. Of course I wore Save The Parade pieces from the new SS 24 Collection Kiss The Sky and they did not disappoint :) 

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Elephant Sanctuary

This elephant was rescued from poachers in Sumatra in 2004, she’s 34 years old and has been with her caretaker since. Her caretaker left his family in Sumatra to dedicate his life to her.

Wearing the Good Day Sunshine Bikini.

Travel To Indonesia

In the She's A Rainbow Baby Tee and Jogger