Dreamer Collective

Dreamer Collective

Absolutely obsessed with my sisters new jewelry collections from her line Dreamer Collective. Check out magical, whimsical pieces from the 'Moon Drops" and "Woodland Magic" collections. 

Meaghan creates hand made Jewelry for the lover, gypsy, hippie, sun gazer, stargazer, daydreamer, fashion lover, nature seeker, moon dancer..... Each piece is hand made in sunny Palm Springs, California. 



Shop Dreamer Collective- dreamercollective.com

Instagram-  @dreamer_collective

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Elephant Sanctuary

This elephant was rescued from poachers in Sumatra in 2004, she’s 34 years old and has been with her caretaker since. Her caretaker left his family in Sumatra to dedicate his life to her.

Wearing the Good Day Sunshine Bikini.

Travel To Indonesia

In the She's A Rainbow Baby Tee and Jogger