We are the day trippers, the beach bum hippies, the rock n rollers... we are SAVE THE PARADE, a vintage inspired intimates and lifestyle label. We would like to invite you on a journey through our deepest passions, quirky obsessions and love of all things, well... far out.

Save The Parade embraces the free spirited life that runs through the veins of the girls that stay up till the suns up, host wild rooftop parties, read Bukowski, make art, and dream on the beach under the stars. The brand is deeply inspired by the conscious expanding nature of the 1960's and 70's, a time of experimentation, political activism and sexual liberation.

Michelle Evelyn, visionary and owner of Save The Parade,  lives in a beach dwelling on the water in a small Southern Californian surf town where she hand draws and paints the prints that are showcased on many of her garments. As a young teenager, Michelle discovered her mothers dusty record collection where she became fascinated with the eccentric, psychedelic illustrations and nostalgic, color-faded images of rockstars that painted the albums covers. She see's the brand as a self exploratory analysis of her curiosity and passion for such a far-out era. With a BA from Art Center College Of Design and a Masters Degree in Fine Art, she pursued a career as a gallery artist while creating artwork for an array of clients, such as RVCA and Billabong. She went on to collaborate on the creation of Private Arts in 2010 with her sister and friend. Now, she is taking on her next project - Save The Parade.

Until next time... "turn on, tune in, drop out".