We are the day trippers, the star-gazers... we are SAVE THE PARADE, a lifestyle label inspired by dusty albums and the Summer of Love. We would like to invite you on a journey through our deepest passions, peculiar obsessions and love of all things... far out.

Save The Parade (STP) embraces the free spirited life that runs through the veins of the girls that stay up till the suns up, host wild rooftop parties, make art, and dream on the beach under the stars. The brand is deeply inspired by the conscious expanding nature of the 1960's and 70's, a time of experimentation, political activism and sexual liberation.

Michelle Walker, visionary and owner of Save The Parade, lives in Sunset Beach, California, where she hand draws and paints the prints that are showcased on her garments. As a young teenager, Michelle discovered her parent's vinyl collection and became fascinated with the psychedelic illustrations and color-faded photographs that adorned the album covers. She see's STP as an exploratory analysis of her curiosity and passion for such a far-out era. 

Until next time... "turn on, tune in, drop out".